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travel done "Right"

Created by Nick Simon, an avid big game hunter, and world traveler, Deep Red Travel offers a seamless experience without bias. 

No Fees, Extra Benefits, Lower Rates, Luxurious Perspective


Why use a travel agent?

6 Reasons to Never Book on Your Own Again

This a common question that we get as luxury travel agents and there is solid list of reasons why the wealthiest people in the world have an appetite for this service.

Part of the


travel Network

The deep red Experience

A seamless experience for the luxury-seeking traveler

From hotel recommendations and bookings to car services, flights and reservations, Deep Red Travel handles all of the high stress moments so that you can enjoy without worry. Have preferences that need to be considered such as a space to smoke cigars or proximity to a place of worship? Deep Red Travel will handle all of the details and guide you towards the dream destination based on your needs. All of this is done at no cost to you. Deep Red Travel charges zero fees


Highlighted Destination

Trump Hotel, Chicago

The Trump Hotel in Chicago offers five-star service and the best views in the city. As a Trump Elite Partner, Deep Red Travel receives full benefits for it's travelers such as early and/or late check-in and check-out, upgrade upon availability, breakfast for two and a $100 resort credit. Deep Red Travel clients are treated as VIPs on this property and we are happy to continue supporting the Trump Hotel chain through these tough, politically charged times.

Your deep red travel advisor

Nick is always just a text away

Nick and his family owned one of the largest privately-owned magazine printing companies in the world. After the sale of the company he met David Eisen, founder of LuxRally Travel, on an exotic car rally. He began traveling with David and after building his acumen in the luxury travel sector through first hand experience, Nick decided to join the LuxRally Travel network and create Deep Red Travel. Nick had been personally shamed for his hunting and travel habits by another travel agent and, after that interaction, realized that there is a void of service in the industry. His goal is to offer clients next level service without judgement or personal bias.

"Whether someone is going big game hunting, spending $20,000 a night on a suite, wanting to relax in a five star hotel and smoke a cigar or just want travel advice from a fellow traveller, they should be able to do so easily and without judgment. Travel should be fun and curated for the individual, regardless of their politics, religion or passions."

- Nick Simon


Deep Red Travel offers a new perspective for leisure, corporate and group travel clients. Nick currently divides his time between Miami, FL and on back his farm in Louisville, KY with his Fiancé Tiffany, and his hunting dog, Haida.

Meet Nick

Leisure Trips

A get-a-way to remember

From family-focused all-inclusives to VIP suite negotiations, Deep Red Travel ensures nothing is left on the table in the enhancement of your journey. Bookings done through our exclusive travel agent benefit programs include things such as early/late check in and check out, upgrades upon availability, breakfast for two, $100 resort credits, amenities upon arrival and more. Beyond hotels, Deep Red Travel can take care of flights, car transportation and assist with setting up any special requests you may have. For example, if you would like something to be in your room upon arrival such as a crib for a small child, birthday cake or rose petal turndown and chilled champagne, communicate this to your travel advisor to ensure it is set up.

With the full power of LuxRally Travel Network's concierge team, Deep Red Travel can also assist with more high touch requests and reservations in high demand restaurants.

Travel Services

Group Bookings

Full service, from corporate travel to hobby-based affairs

Give us your budget, dates and room nights and we will send out bids to over 80 hotels (depending on the location) for your next group event. Our competitive bidding process creates a race to the bottom to ensure you receive the most value for your room block.

Deep Red Travel can work with your in-house team to ensure that a solid, well-negotiated contract is in place and advise strategies to get the most out of your group travel. From discussing attrition rates, to payment schedules and event space inclusion, Deep Red Travel has the experience you need to rest easy.



Exotic views from five-star accomodations

Experience the beauty of the wilderness with all of the modern comforts on a safari with Deep Red Travel. Whatever your desired location, Deep Red Travel has the network to ensure that your adventure is both comfortable and fulfilling.

Traveling to more remote locations can be overwhelming and stressful. It may be difficult to discern who to trust and which experiences are worth the long journey. Gain peace of mind knowing that your travel advisor is just a quick text away before and during your trip.


Pre-Post Big game travel

A retreat before or after your long hunt

From suggesting outfitters, to booking flights and pre-post hunting excursion accommodations, Deep Red Travel can handle, in conjunction with your outfitter, the full scope of your big game hunt.

Deep Red Travel is not an outfitter, and has no intention of becoming one, however there are potential stops before or after your hunt that could make for a well-balanced get-a-way. Whether you want to rest up before the hunt in a five-star hotel or retire to a luxurious destination after leaving camp, Deep Red Travel has first-hand experience in this adventure and will elevate your overall journey.


trustfund travel

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Discerning between instagram hype and true five-star is a frustrating and expensive process. Let Deep Red Travel introduce you to the many wonderful things that money should buy. From exotic car rallies and road trips to unique, private destinations and restaurants, Deep Red Travel has insight into the preferences of a diverse range of high-net-worth individuals.


Suite negotiations, client profiles, and personal relationships with General Managers from around the world ensure that Deep Red Travel clients receive the full VIP experience. There are many tips and tricks that can be employed to enhance value and shorten the learning curve.


Cigar friendly travel

Some hotels acknowledge that 20% of the world uses tobacco, we know them well

Traveling to a smoker friendly destination can take away a ton of stress and anxiety for those who enjoy their daily doses of nicotine. At Deep Red Travel we have built relationships with the hotels who elegantly integrate comfortable smoking rooms into their hotel amenities.

Nizuc's Havana Lounge is an excellent example of a practical integration. This five-star hotel offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for smokers so that comfort can be attained regardless of weather. The Havana Lounge, while conveniently located in the center of the property, is positioned such that the rest of the resort is smoke free and appropriate for families.


unvaccinated Travel

Your vaccine status should't keep you from a much needed retreat

Deep Red Travel has many unvaccinated clients and therefore stays on top of which destinations are most friendly to those without vaccine cards. From destination recommendations to ensuring you have all covid tests (if required) administered in the comfort of your hotel, Deep Red Travel provides the necessary services to ensure you're able to achieve your travel goals.

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