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Experience Norway's Finest: Exploring The Gem Cruise Ship

Experience Norway's Finest: Exploring The Gem Cruise Ship

Overview of The Gem

The Gem is a midsize ship measuring 750 feet long and 111 feet wide, with a maximum speed of 19 knots. It can carry up to 1,100 passengers and crew for voyages lasting anywhere from one night to multiple weeks. Prices on the Gem vary greatly depending on itinerary length and cabin size, but most cruises start at around $2,000 per person.

Unparalleled Luxury Accommodation

For those willing to splurge on the ultimate cruise experience, the Norwegian Cruise Line offers several luxurious suite options on board the Gem. Guests can choose from four classes of suites including Garden Villas and Penthouse Suites ranging in price from $5,000 to over $10,000 per person for select voyages. Each suite includes exquisite furnishings as well as complimentary perks like private verandas and priority access to onboard activities like specialty dining venues and spas.

A Culinary Wonderland Onboard

The Gem features five gourmet restaurants offering an ever-changing menu of traditional favorites alongside unique Scandinavian flavors made with locally sourced ingredients prepared by some of Norway’s top chefs. With several buffet-style eateries also available throughout the ship guests will never go hungry during their voyage – though they may need assistance selecting among so many delicious options!

Endless Entertainment Onboard

Beyond its impeccable food selection, the Gem has plenty more exciting experiences in store for its travelers including day trips ashore with expert guides, duty free shopping trips in historic ports of call as well as nightly professional entertainment like shows in the spacious theater or dancing in any one of its chic bars or nightclubs. For those seeking an extra thrill at sea there is also an impressive casino located onboard which boasts everything from blackjack tables to slot machines. Book Your Next Adventure With Deep Red Travel Deep Red Travel is a full service travel agency dedicated to making your dream vacation come true without charging additional fees or surcharges – plus they have exclusive access to special rates and benefits just like extra onboard credit when you book select cruises using their services. So why wait? Book your next adventure now with Deep Red Travel!

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