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Ponant Le Dumont d’Urville: Cruise the World in Style

Ponant Le Dumont d’Urville: Cruise the World in Style


The Ponant Le Dumont d'Urville is a stunning vessel with 92 cabins equipped with modern amenities that can accommodate up to 184 passengers in ultimate comfort. It also includes two restaurants, a cocktail lounge, bars, a luxury pool, a spa, and other facilities for all your needs on board.


For those looking for an extra touch of luxury onboard, The Ponant Le Dumont d’Urville has ultra-luxury Owners Suites located on deck 5 which feature private balconies overlooking magnificent sceneries outside. These suites also include butlers who will attend to your every need as well as deluxe bathrooms complete with marble surfaces, walk-in closets, and more!

Culinary Options

The abundance of culinary entertainment available makes it easy for guests aboard The Ponant Le Dumont d’Urville to tantalize their taste buds while enjoying their journey around the world. From international cuisine such as French gourmet dishes & Italian classics to Eastern Mediterranean flavors like shawarma & hummus, this ship has it all. There's something for everyone!

Onboard Entertainment

Entertainment options abound onboard The Ponant Le Dumont d'Urville ensuring guests have a wide array of activities available during their voyage such as live theatre performances; art exhibitions; movie screenings; live music; myriad other exciting activities!

Itineraries of The Ship

As one of the most renowned luxury cruise ships sailing around Europe, South America, and Asia – this incredible vessel visits top ports like Rome & Barcelona in Italy/Spain; Singapore in Singapore/China/Malaysia along with stops at multiple other fascinating locations around the world!

Why Book With Deep Red Travel?

If you’re planning your next vacation aboard this luxurious cruiser booking with Deep Red Travel can get you exclusive deals that you won't find elsewhere! Not only that, but we also will never charge you any additional fees! Book your dream trip today onboard Ponant Le Dumont d'Urville through Deep Red Travel – where getting more out of life starts now!

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