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Setting Sail on MSC Preziosa: Luxury, Entertainment, and Unforgettable Experiences

Setting Sail on MSC Preziosa: Luxury, Entertainment, and Unforgettable Experiences

Ship Overview

The MSC Preziosa boasts a tonnage of 139,400 tons with a length of nearly 1,000 feet long. It can accommodate up to 4,345 passengers along with a crew of 1500. Thanks to its vast size and a wide variety of cabin types and amenities, it's possible for travelers to find something that suits their budget no matter when they book.


For those looking for the ultimate in luxury accommodations aboard MSC Preziosa, the Grand Suites are the way to go - featuring two separate bedrooms each with a private bathroom along with a living area that includes seating space, flat screen tv and access to concierge services around the clock during your stay. These suites also include unlimited access to Speciality Restaurants during dinner hours (at no extra cost) as well as other exclusive perks such as spa treatments & some extra onboard credit which can be used towards drinks or shopping while on board! Prices can range between around $7000-$11,000 depending on when you book your trip and the length of stay.

Dining Options

MSC Preziosa offers guests both casual dining options in their multiple buffet restaurants located on different decks throughout the ship plus fine dining options at any one of their four specialty restaurants which offer gourmet cuisine from Italy, France, India & Japan. There are also various bars located around the ship where guests can enjoy snacks or light meals such as Gelateria serving Italian gelato ice cream or Pizzeria offering 18 different kinds of fresh pizzas all made from scratch every day! All meals are included in your ticket price so there's no additional cost involved with eating out onboard MSC Preziosa.

Onboard Entertainment Options

When it comes to entertainment, MSC Preziosa does not disappoint – offering guests much more than just traditional casino games but also 4D Cinema experiences complete with surround sound audio technology that will transport you right into virtual worlds right before your eyes! Other attractions include live performances ranging from theatre shows in Teatro La Scala show theatre (which changes nightly) to children’s club (for little ones between 2 - 8 years old) Disco Club (for those feeling adventurous) Karaoke Bar & Electronic Gaming Arcade where guests can go head to head playing popular video games such as Pac Man Mario Kart & much more!

Itineraries of MSC Preziosa

MSC Prezioso offers cruises ranging from seven days throughout Europe visiting destinations like Spain, Italy, France, and Greece plus extended itineraries lasting up to 15 days across Northern Europe stopping off at Belgium, Finland, Germany Norway & Sweden. All trips involve nighttime stays at ports so wherever you go - be sure to explore local sights & take advantage of land-based excursions offered by knowledgeable tour guides who know the area better than anyone else!

Why Book With Deep Red Travel?

When booking your next holiday getaway aboard MSC Preziosa there’s no better choice than Deep Red Travel – a full-service travel agency that does not charge any additional fees or require membership registration. We have exclusive access to special rates & benefits on select cruises including extra onboard credit which can be used towards drinks or shopping plus helpful staff available 24/7 should anything happen whilst traveling abroad. Don't wait any longer - book now & get ready for some unforgettable experiences ahead!

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