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The MSC Divina: A Perfect Cruise for Any Budget

The MSC Divina: A Perfect Cruise for Any Budget


The MSC Divina offers guests a wide range of price points from moderate to elite levels. Whether you are looking for an affordable family vacation or an extravagant honeymoon suite, there is something for every passenger on board.


For those who seek only the best when it comes to accommodations and services, the MSC Divina has several premium suites that offer all-inclusive luxury features such as personal butler service and private balconies with stunning ocean views. Enjoy your king-sized bed with fine linens and pillows and a spacious marble bathroom with double sinks and showers. For these exclusive accommodations, you will be paying top dollar prices ranging from around $4,500 per person for a 7-night stay to over $10,000 for the same length stay in some suites.

Dining Options

When it comes to food aboard the MSC Divina you won't be disappointed. Offering both buffet-style restaurants with international cuisine as well as specialty à la carte eateries where you will find Italian dishes, Asian fusion delights, Mexican street food favorites, and more! There are also snacks available throughout the day including a delicious gelato bar where you can sample over 10 flavors of Italy's favorite all-natural ice cream. You can enjoy 24-hour room service if desired or even have dinner served right on your balcony!

Onboard Entertainment

No matter how long your cruise is aboard the MSC Divina there is always something fun to do away from shore! From Broadway-inspired live shows in their unique Aqua Theater to sports activities like trapeze classes with actual Cirque du Soleil performers - this cruise ship truly has something for everybody day or night! Or perhaps try your luck at their casino for some late-night gaming action? With multiple bars onboard serving unlimited drinks it's easy to keep going through until dawn each night!


When it comes time to plan your journey aboard one of MSC’s beautiful cruises many exciting itineraries are sure to please every guest no matter what type of adventure they are seeking. Choose from European routes like Barcelona/Ibiza/Cannes through South American ports such as Rio de Janeiro/Buenos Aires or even opt for some Caribbean sunshine when you depart out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. The possibilities are endless!

Book Your Cruise with Deep Red Travel

Once you have chosen which itinerary works best for you don’t forget to book through Deep Red Travel – a full-service travel agency that guarantees access to special rates and benefits like extra onboard credit when booking select cruises they represent while not charging any service or membership fees either! So why wait any longer? Let Deep Red Travel help make your dream cruise possible today!

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