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The MSC Seaside: An Unparalleled Cruise Experience

The MSC Seaside: An Unparalleled Cruise Experience

Deluxe Suites

Those looking to explore the top-tier luxuries aboard the MSC Seaside won’t be disappointed in the selection of deluxe suites available. For example, the exclusive MSC Yacht Club suite offers premium services for elite customers such as private dining, butler service, spa treatments, and exclusive access to other onboard services. In addition, guests of these suites will receive VIP treatment throughout their stay.

Dining Options

Hungry sailors have plenty of options when it comes to meal choices aboard the MSC Seaside. From charming Italian restaurants like L’Olivo to casual eateries like Cantina Tex Mex Grille or Biscotti & Co., there truly is something for everyone! There are also plenty of specialty bars featuring unique drinks and cocktails – including champagne bars, gin bars, and cigar clubs – so you can find whatever you’re craving!

Onboard Entertainment

In addition to providing first-class dining experiences, the MSC Seaside also offers an array of entertainment options guaranteed to keep everyone entertained during their voyage. For example, guests can take advantage of play zones for children or visit one of seven 3D movie theaters offering the latest blockbusters. The casino has slot machines and table games available where players can try their luck against fellow passengers or test out their skills at Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments!


The MSC Seaside hosts voyages year-round through warm climates around the world including Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and South America/Antarctica. Each itinerary includes stops at various ports allowing travelers to explore new locations while taking in breathtaking views along some of the most stunning coastlines in existence!

Why Book with Deep Red Travel?

Deep Red Travel is your perfect partner when it comes to booking a cruise aboard the MSC Seaside. They are a full-service travel agency without hidden fees or additional charges; they offer access to special rates that may not be available elsewhere plus extra onboard credit if applicable! What’s more? Their expert staff is always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to making sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible!

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