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The Resilient Lady: Everything You Need to Know About Virgin's Newest Ship

The Resilient Lady: Everything You Need to Know About Virgin's Newest Ship

Price Ranges

Virgin Voyages cruise prices vary greatly depending on the destination and length of travel. Short cruises start around $300 per person, but can go up from there depending on what kind of stateroom options you choose. For those looking for a more extravagant experience, there are always the suites onboard, which come with premium amenities and service.

Most Expensive Suites

For those who crave total luxury while at sea, Virgin’s most expensive suite options do not disappoint. From spacious living quarters to premium spa treatments – all included in your fare – guests are guaranteed a five star experience every step of the way. Plus, these suites even include access to a private terrace area where guests can enjoy stunning views along their adventure.

Dining Options Aboard The Resilient Lady

You won’t be going hungry while aboard The Resilient Lady! With over 15 dining options available - ranging from casual eateries to fine dining establishments - guests can choose how elegant they want their meals to be. There’s something for everyone here, so even picky eaters will find something they like onboard this magnificent vessel.

Onboard Entertainment Options

No sailing trip would be complete without some entertaining activities during long days at sea! On board The Resilient Lady guests will have access to the usual fun such as casinos, bars and clubs - but also unique experiences like onboard yoga classes or mixology lessons! Plus, if relaxation is more your style, then take advantage of spa treatments before relaxing by one of many pools or hot tubs scattered across the ship.

Itinerary Options

The itineraries available through Virgin Cruises provide something for everyone – from shorter trips around Caribbean islands, to longer transatlantic journeys across Europe and Asia! No matter which option you choose though, each offers captivating sights and memorable experiences that can only be seen while on board one of these incredible ships!

Why Book With Deep Red Travel?

Booking with Deep Red Travel ensures that customers get exclusive rates and benefits which other traditional travel agencies may not offer due to membership/service fees associated with them. This full-service agency provides travellers access to special packages such as reduced pricing or extra onboard credit when booking select cruises through them - making sure customers get the best value possible out of their trip aboard The Resilient Lady!

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